How to Program the Max 360 Radar Detector for Best Preformance

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We will share with you some of the features of the Passport Max 360 along with some tips on how you can program it for your personal preferences.
We will be doing this using the Escort Live app on our iPhone so one of the first things you will want to do is to download the app to your smartphone. Then click on the icon and open it. By default our app loaded in map mode at our offices where we are recording this video and you’ll see two Escort Live notifications displayed.
The first being the red Ka icon that is blinking. This is from a test firing of a Ka radar gun we made just prior to this video and because its red it’s showing that it is a recent alert.

Then right behind that you’ll notice the blue icon, this is a speed trap alert. Because of all the radar testing we have done at this location over the years here
Escort Live automatically marked our location as a speed trap location. Now next by pressing the Dashboard button we have another display here with a speedometer, and by pressing the map button we go back to the map display. And now by pressing the blue Bluetooth button we can see that we are connected to a Passport Max 360. And by zooming out we can now see other speed trap locations, police spotted alerts, photo radar alerts and red light camera alerts. Next we have the mark button on the bottom left of the screen, here you share other alerts with other Escort Live users.

The ones marked in red police spotted and mobile cameras will be immediately uploaded to the Escort Live community and shared with other users.
When you press one of the blue icons this location will be uploaded to the Escort Live database and once a certain threshold is reached, from other users, that location will be added to the Escort Live database.
Next by pressing the blue gear icon on the bottom right of the screen you will open this screen where you have the general settings. Lets start with the alert settings. Here we have the various settings for Escort Live reporting. First we have the Live Alerts tab Now during any Laser or Ka band encounter, Escort Live will automatically send those alerts to the cloud where it will be shared in real time with other Escort Live users.
During a K band or X band alert you’ll get a screen like this on your smart phone where you have the choice of either reporting it to the cloud or blocking it out as a false alert.

You’ll also notice that the exact frequency and the signal strength is also displayed. Other options you can modify are your police spotted alerts, mobile camera alerts, speed trap location alerts, air patrol alerts, fixed photo radar and red light camera alerts, other locations and then on the bottom you can select from the various tones and alerts.
Next lets go to the radar settings tab under device settings and let’s adjust some of those settings. The first setting we have is the sensitivity of the detector that is currently set at highway, which is the most sensitive setting.

We can switch it to auto sensitivity and because the Max 360 is GPS enabled radar detector it can adjust its sensitivity based upon your speed. AutoNoX basically does the same thing but the advantage of this setting is that it also blocks out X-band which is an older radar band that isn’t used much anymore except in some places like New Jersey. And again, if you want the best performance from your radar detector and not bothered by a few false alerts here and there, keep it set on highway mode.
Next we have the brightness settings for the Max 360 and its currently set at maximum for this video. You can easily change the display to dark mode, which completely blanks out the OLED display, minimum for driving at night, medium, maximum, and then auto which will automatically adjust based upon the ambient lighting conditions. Next we have the pilot mode settings. By default the Max 360 will display the scanning bar to let you know that your detector is scanning the road for any threats. However some people find this scanning bar distracting, so you can turn it off by selecting full word and the detector will stop displaying the scanning bar.
Now we will set it back to its default setting scanning bar as we progress through this video. Your next setting is Meter Mode and you have several modes to choose from. Now as a side note we are in an enclosed building right now so its going to be difficult to share with you exactly how these different modes work because we will be shooting real radar guns at the detector to demonstrate these following sections.


And because these signals will be bouncing around this room we are not going to get accurate readings, so please take this into consideration as we move forward. First we have the standard mode that will only track one radar threat at a time signal strength.
We then have the standard FR1, which stands for front and rear standard mode tracking only one radar threat at a time. When we are in this mode the signal strength of the front antenna will be displayed on the left and the signal strength of its rear antenna will be displayed on the right.
Next we have Standard FR2, which stands for front and rear standard mode, tracking 2 signals at the same time.
We will shoot two radar guns now at the Max 360, one Ka gun and one K band gun. Notice that the Max 360 is displaying the Ka radar signal strength on the left and on the right it is displaying the signal strength of our K band source. Now notice in the center of these two signal strength meters, we also have a boggy counter, and again because we are in an enclosed building this is not going to be accurate as we are only shooting two guns, but out on the open road this will accurately display how many radar sources your detector is receiving.
Then next we have Spec FR1 which is Escort’s terminology for spec mode enabling the detector to display the exact frequency of our primary threat. And then we have Spec FR2 that will display our two primary threats side by side and display the exact frequency of the strongest. Next we have Expert FR enabling the Max 360 to display up to four alerts simultaneously with bar graphs and with the green and red display configuration we have selected now, the green would represent the front antenna and the red the rear antenna.
Then the last meter setting is the simple setting that only displays a red box with the words slow down.
The next menu option is arrow mode By selecting single mode, no matter how many radar signals the detector sees, it will only point to the primary threat. Multiple mode, will enable you to track multiple threats at the same time. And then Band mode will colorize the arrows based upon the band, X-band will be green, K-band blue, Ka band and laser red. Next we have your auto mute setting where you can adjust the how the Max 360 mutes its alerts, you can select from off, to low, to medium and then high. Then next you can select your audio tones from standard, mild and standard plus. And then next we have ZR3 mode. This setting is if you have the Escort Laser ShifterPro, you can select shifting mode which is turning it on so it will jam laser, receive only if you’re driving in an state where laser jammers are illegal, or if you do not have a shifter installed you can turn this setting off.
Next we have the voice alert setting you can keep it turned on, or you can turn it off. Now the auto power setting is a nice feature if you detector always has power to it and you forget to power down your detector. You can select to turn off this feature, or have your detector automatically turn itself off after a certain period. Then next you can select either English or metric settings for your speed display here in the units section. Now the Max 360 is a GPS enabled radar detector and one of its features is to automatically block out known false alert locations based upon the exact location and frequency.
If for some reason you wish to deactivate this feature you can do this here in the GPS filtering menu option. And in the autolearn menu option you can chose if you want your Max 360 to automatically lock out x and k band false alert locations based upon the exact frequency and location. Now when you enable cruise alert at a certain speed, it will only provide you with a double beep alert if it detects radar under that selected speed limit and I typically keep my setting set at the default setting of 20. Now this next setting, over speed alert will alert you with a voice alert if you’re exceeding the posted speed limit for the road you’re driving on and it can sometimes become annoying, so typically I set this setting to off. Now the Max 360 has both English and Spanish voice alerts so you can select this setting here under language.
Then next we have the display colors you can select from being amber, red, green and blue. Now when your Max 360 is paired with your smart phone, the Max 360 will be able to display the speed limit for the road your driving on, providing that its in the Escort Live database.

Now a word of warning, I’ve seen instances that this speed limit was not always accurate, especially if they are doing road construction. And then we have user mode, I would recommend that you keep this set at the default setting advanced. Then at the bottom of this screen we have our band settings. I would recommend keeping POP disabled because this mode of radar is seldom, if ever used and by enabling it, it will significantly increase the number of false alerts you’ll receive. I also recommend turning X-band off, unless you live and/or drive in NJ where there are still reports of X-band radar.
Now here is something I feel is important and that is TSR filtering. Now enabling TSR filtering on most detectors will cause a slight pause in alerting to real k–band threats, however I have found that enabling TSR in the Max 360 has very little effect in causing these type of delays. This is because the Passport Max 360 is one of a few select detectors that is smart enough to filter out many of the false alerts caused by the blind spot sensors and anti-collision sensors installed in many new cars today.
At the very bottom we have our marker displays for Escort Live which include Red Light Cameras, Speed Cameras, Speed Traps, Other, Red Light Speed Cameras and Air Patrol. Now if your interested in learning more about the Passport Max 360 I would invite you to visit our website at where we have a bunch more of information including testing videos and our full review. And if you do have any questions you’re welcome to contact me direct at my personal email address of or to visit our website at This is Radar Roy, from, thanks for watching and please remember, drive safe, drive smart, but most of all drive protected..

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