RadarActive System Demo

Categories: radar detector app, Uncategorized | Posted on Apr 15, 2018


I would like to demo the RadarActive System and in particular its integration with radar detectors. You can see Valentine One radar detector here, an IPhone and RadarActive Transciever. the device that ties them together, shown next to the iPhone for the relative size. Turning the application on… The first thing that will be visible is our place on the map in San Francisco. We are kind of surrounded with a bunch of red light cameras. It is a pretty typical hazard in San Francisco. And now going to turn on the concealed display. The way this works is we take the data line-in which goes via a microphone input into a phone.


As soon as I plug it in the phone analyzes the signal coming out from the RadarActive Transceiver and displays the current view on the radar. As soon as I did this the radar switched off the display. This is just like the concealed display by Valentine behavior and if I switch Radar off and on you’ll see the phone going through the startup sequence. Only L and Ka are blinking because I am in California and in the place where the dangers are mostly Laser and Ka. Let’s take it for a drive..

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