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android-radar-detector-appThe time has arrived when you can now install an radar detector app for Android. It’s not a radar detector in the conventional sense, like we usually think of. It doesn’t actually detect anything. What it detects is the input of millions of drivers on the road who report the locations of speed traps and other road hazards as they encounter them.

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In the old days, police radar detectors were devices that could recognize the presence of the radar beams that the police radar devices sent out. The police took things up a level and began to use lasers. That gave birth to the laser detector. For years there has waged a battle between the people who manufacture speed checking devices and those who make devices to counter them. A few years ago, the police began using a system that seemed to be unbeatable. They installed both fixed and mobile cameras that took photos of speeders. Since these cameras sent out no signal, they could not be detected. Drivers were left defenseless. That is until the Android radar detector app came along. If you have an Android based smartphone, you can download an Android radar detector app that will tell you exactly where these cameras, as well as other enforcement areas such as DUI checkpoints are located.

How does a phone radar detector app work you might ask. It is actually just a medium for reporting the information sent in by millions of other drivers on the network. As the driver spots a speed trap, cop, camera, etc. they send the information to the network. Your Android radar detector app receives these updates and alerts you when you approach one of them using the GPS feature. This is even better than conventional police radar trap detectors since you can view the information before you even begin your trip. You can avoid the problem areas altogether. In addition, other hazards can also be reported. Traffic congestion, wrecks, severe weather and any other problem found on the road are all available.

If you already have an Android based phone, and you occasionally drive slightly above the speed limit, you would be crazy not to download one of these Android radar detector apps. A single speeding ticket can cost several hundred dollars up front and lead to increases in your insurance premiums. For a fraction of those costs, you can have an Android radar detector app that will avoid the hassle altogether.

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