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radar-detector-appIt used to be, back in the good old days, that speed traps consisted of nothing more than a single cop parked on the side of the road using a handheld radar detector. To avoid these speed traps, one needed only be alert and perhaps purchase a low-cost radar detector to provide them with a little advanced warning of the waiting officer. Times have changed a lot. These days the technology the police use to catch speeders is much more advanced. Simply being alert and having a radar detector is no longer enough.

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One of the most problematic new technologies in use by the police is speed trap cameras. These cameras used to be placed mainly in high traffic area such as busy intersections. Nowadays they are everywhere. The use of mobile speed trap cameras means that anywhere, on any stretch of road, you are vulnerable. Conventional speed trap detectors won’t help you avoid these speed traps. Since they don’t send out a radar signal, there is nothing to detect. By the time you realize there is a speed camera, it will be too late.

These cameras are becoming more and more common as states and municipalities face credit crunches. They need money and speed camera fines can be a major source of income, especially for smaller cities and towns. Speed traps have always been common in rural areas, but the modern difference is that an officer is no longer required to man the trap. The police can place out as many of these cameras as they can afford. Since the cameras more than pay for themselves, the number used is virtually limitless.

There seems to be no way to defeat these new age speed traps. Fortunately the people have new technology also. The best defense against these speed traps is the use of social networking. As one driver sees a speed trap, he sends a quick text message. The newest smart phones come complete with GPS so the exact position of the camera can be marked. People connected to this network of camera and speed trap watchers receive instant updates. A smart phone and a good software program is the only thing you need to become part of this network. Not only can the network provide alerts about speed traps and cameras, but it can also provide other information about highway conditions, such as accidents and road work.

Police activity is greater than ever and all jurisdictions are after money generated by fines. If you want to defend yourself you absolutely must have one of these applications to put you in touch with millions of other drivers. Speed traps can be avoided if you know how to use the latest tools.

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